Discover your favorite extension today!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | 10:13 AM


Since our introductory blogpost about the extension gallery, we've been thrilled by all of the useful and interesting Google Wave extensions coming out of the developer community. With every enhancement we announce, developers find inventive ways to create handy extensions.

Accordingly, the number of extensions is growing, and we would like to introduce a few improvements we've made to make it easier to discover, browse, and sample extensions for yourself.

Starting at the top, you will notice we replaced the previous Extensions link with a dedicated Extensions section. This section lets you check out "Featured" extensions that our team would like to highlight -- the Wave team occasionally selects these extensions because we think they're particularly useful, user-friendly and "Wave-y." You can also browse many other extensions in our gallery via the "All" link.

We also overhauled the gallery view itself, allowing you to see each extension's icon and description, at a glance

Additionally, we've made it easier to start using an extension. If you see a particular extension you like and want to quickly take it for a spin, you can simply "Try It Now" -- even without installing it. If you like it and want to use it later, just go back in your browser and click "Install." Please note that not all extensions support this feature at the moment, but we hope more will add this option in the near future.

We hope you find these improvements useful as we work towards providing a first-class extension experience within Google Wave. Stay tuned for more advancements in the future. If you're a developer, you can get started building extensions and then submit them for the gallery.