Try out new Google Wave wave notifications!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | 2:19 PM


We know that one painpoint for people using Google Wave is that sometimes they don't know when others are trying to wave with them or whether anyone has responded to their waves. In designing notifications, we realized that people use lots of different tools on the web, but one system that is compatible with everyone is the physical world. So, today we are excited to roll out an early preview of Google Wave wave notifications.

You can enable Google Wave wave notifications through the drop down menu that appears when you mouse over the Inbox link in the Navigation panel.

You can set the volume for your notifications to Silent, Medium, Loud or Vibrate and pick your preferred notifier. We look forward to offering more advanced options like black-out hours, vacation mode and personalized, downloadable wavetones.

Known issues:
Remember, this is just a preview, so there are still some kinks in the system. Here are some we know about and are working on:

  • At certain times of day, your first choice notifier may be unavailable. In this case, a substitute will be provided
  • Genuine greetings may be confused for notifications. We are working on clearer signals to disambiguate these situations, but when in doubt we recommend you check your Google Wave inbox.

Check out our demo video to see Google Wave wave notifications in action:

We look forward to adding more types of Google Wave wave notifications, but want to hear how it's working for you, so please give us feedback.

Happy waving!