Radio waving

Friday, February 19, 2010 | 10:05 AM


Last week, Dennis Elliot at Clear Channel in Greensboro, North Carolina added to a wave which we'd love to share here on the blog.

Just wanted to tell you guys that we are loving the wave here at Clear Channel Radio in Greensboro NC where we have 5 FM radio stations.

We have just started using it and only have a small number of our staff on it right now, but we plan on expanding it to everyone as soon as possible.

It has made projects which are very detailed and require a lot of back and forth input and discussion from several people much easier to do.

As an example, I am adding you to a wave called Big Game Home Invasion. This is an on air and on line promotion involving two clients. Plus we needed to have input on putting it together from two sales people, the sales manager, the station program director, the station promotions director, the online content coordinator and me, the online content director.

Without a wave, we would have had to resort to numerous back and forth e-mails, sending graphics files to each other for approval, having people go from office to office to see updates and answer questions and lots of time tracking people down by phone. Instead, we did the entire project in wave in just a fraction of the amount of time it would normally have taken. In fact, you will see a comment by Jennifer near the bottom of the wave where she says she is seriously crying at her desk. She is referring to the fact that we got through this project in just a fraction of the time it would normally have taken and without a lot of the hassles we normally have in something like this.

Thanks for the news, Dennis, and keep those wave stories coming!