Share your Google Wave stories

Friday, December 18, 2009 | 11:32 AM


We love getting messages like these:

"Just thought I'd share a quick story. Was out with a friend last night who is looking for a new apartment with another friend of ours who lives in San Diego. I'd invited both of them to try Google Wave and they said that using it to look for an apartment was a both a gamechanger and a lifesaver! My friend Eric said he cringed at the thought of all the emailing of links, trying to remember which one they liked, etc had they not had Wave. The ability to insert all the links into one wave, leave comments or chat in realtime and clean up as well as go back totally has them both hooked!"
"I used Google Wave to conduct an interview. We did the whole thing in a wave and it worked brilliantly--we could answer questions as he asked them so the pace of the conversation moved really quickly, and we had a record of the whole thing."

"I just had my big wave "aha!" moment. After ~3 weeks of using it, I went to compose an e-mail and found it totally strange that I couldn't have people collaborate with me on my e-mail. Want: collaboration everywhere!"

Have you used Google Wave in an interesting way? We're excited to hear your stories, so if you have one you'd like to share, here's how to let us know:

Share great waves
If you have a cool wave that came together really nicely, add as a participant.

Tell us about a wave 'a-ha' moment
Write a quick description (in a wave) of how using Google Wave helped you out and add to it. Or wave us with a link to a blogpost about interesting examples, like how it was used for international debates.

We won't respond or edit your content, just act like a fly on the wall (and maybe use playback to see how it came together). Down the road, we might feature your story on our blog.

Thanks again to all who are trying the preview, and happy waving!