A million stamps licked ... and counting

Monday, December 7, 2009 | 1:22 PM


As we wrote in our last post, our users' top feature request is "more invitations." We've been working to increase the capacity of our preview setup and have sent invitations to everyone who requested an invite through our online form. If you'd like to request an invitation, you can still sign up here.

We've also given existing users additional invitations to share with family, friends, and colleagues. If you know people who want to try out Google Wave during the preview, log in and help them out!

Although we are opening up access a bit, do remember that Google Wave is still only in its early preview phase (read more about what that means). If you are interested in developing with the Google Wave APIs and would like an account on the developer sandbox, you can request one here.

Finally, there are a few sites and even public waves that offer invitations to Google Wave in exchange for email addresses or promotions (on Twitter, for example). You should always be careful about sharing your email address or other personal information and remember that Google Wave is free so you should never have to pay for an invitation, either. So, instead of using a public site or forum, please sign up on our form and we'll send you an invitation.

Happy waving and thank you so much for all the both encouraging and critical feedback we have received so far!